Surprising Reasons to Choose Co-working Space in Central Delhi

Do you want your startup to thrive successfully in this cutthroat corporate world? If so, we’ll guide you the right type of office space in central Delhi that can nurture your business growth significantly. 

Every business love to work in the CP location since it holds a place of pride in the city. Being counted among the world’s top ten expensive office destinations, however, choosing traditional office space in central Delhi may cost you a fortune.

Those days are gone when businesses used to splurge on traditional office and ended up breaking their bank account. The work culture is changed and so is the need for office space. Now you can rent fully furnished office space in Delhi’s central location, Connaught place (CP) and enjoy viable benefits that you’ve dreamt.

This is where the importance of coworking space comes in.

This innovative way of working is consistently shaping the way we work since its emergence. When you choose co-working space in Central Delhi, it will let you interact with business professionals of different industries.

Now the question is, what could be the more reasons to choose your shared office in Central Delhi? Let’s find out in this post.

  1. Nearby Amenities: Connaught Place is considered one of the largest commercial business districts and top heritage structures in New Delhi. The location houses one of India’s underground market, i.e. Palika Bazaar where you can find anything to everything for your daily needs. On top of that, there are many shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, and popular food joints. Having office in such a locality will ultimately add brownie points to your business.


  1. Easy Connectivity: Since the location is in the central business district of Delhi, it is easily accessible by road, rail, and metro. Rajiv Chowk (Connaught Place) acts as the transfer station for the Yellow line on the lower level and Blue line on the upper level. It is one of the largest and busiest stations that handle over five lakh passengers every day. Choosing coworking space in Connaught place will allow both your clients and employees to commute hassle-free. Many businesses, cinemas, and restaurants are located just outside the metro station. In addition, the region is easily accessible by public transport, too.


  1. Reputed Business Location: No business even in its worst nightmare could ignore choosing office space in central Delhi. Located in the heart of the city, you’ll likely to enjoy a prestigious location as it is easy to access, equipped with all essential facilities, nearby metro station, and is home to a multitude of corporate giants like Nestle India, HT Media Limited, Hitachi India, Cisco Systems, to name a few. When you have a shared office in Central Delhi, you will likely to interact with professionals who work alongside with you under the same roof.


No matter what business you’re, choosing co-working space in Central Delhi is a cost-effective option that let you enjoy multiple benefits like fully staffed reception, ergonomically designed office desks, high-speed internet connection, cafeteria, beverages, housekeeping services, etc.







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