How Food Can Impact your Productivity at Work

When we are at work, the food we eat greatly impacts our mood and performance. According to research conducted, different kinds of foods convert energy into different rates.

Organisations in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Gurgaon where employees are bombarded with work, they tend to eat anything, especially junk. Supposedly, you’re in an office space in Delhi and have chocolate, pastry, cold drinks or other refined or processed snack. Though you’re likely to feel a boost, that energy doesn’t let you work more, and you’ll be crashing in no time and craving even more sweets.

People working in an office space in Delhi or any metropolitan city tend to face difficulties as the vending machines are flooded with cold drinks and other sugary products.

Ever notice how it’s easier to eat healthily when you’ve been eating healthily for a few days or weeks? And how it’s hard to eat healthy when you’re involved in some sweets, chips, pizza, and fried foods.


According to the study conducted by Harvard Health, diets high in refined sugars are harmful to the brain. In addition to worsening your body’s regulation of insulin, they also promote inflammation and oxidative stress, which impacts your productivity at work. And when you are using an office space in Delhi, you cannot afford to take the risk when it comes to showing productivity at work.

Talk about healthy eating habits, fuelling your brain and body with “good” nutrients is directly linked with reduced anxiety, a better mental outlook ultimately leads to improved performance at work. Having observed that coworkers who avoid sugary products and eat diets high in vegetables, fruits, unprocessed grains, fish, and seafood instead, tend to have a 25% to 35% lower risk of depression.



 Choosing the right diet is extremely important, especially when you are working in a bustling office space in Delhi. adding fruits and veggies to your meal doesn’t only improve your work performance but enhances cognitive function, too. 

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